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Dan Lambert

Our head coach and founder of our training system; Dan is a nationally renowned personal trainer with nearly 15-years experience within the fitness industry.


Dan has spent the majority of his time on the studio floor with clients, working in a 1:1 and small-group capacity however, Dan is also well-known for coaching clients online, heading up our online coaching programme, writing for national publications such as Mens Health, Womens Fitness and Runners World, speaking publicly about health, fitness and training at events such as BodyPower and representing world-leading brands such as Maximuscle, The National Fitness Games and Raze Strength.


Dan holds a degree in Exercise Science from the prestigious Loughborough University and has acquired ten’s of thousands of coaching hours, working with a vast range of clients, including; first-time gym-goers, advanced lifters, celebrities preparing for important jobs/roles and elite athletes, such as; Professional Rugby teams, Combat Sports Champions, Team GB Hockey players, International Football players and even an Olympian!

  • Sport & Exercise Science BSc, Loughborough University

  • Personal Trainer Level 3 & Advanced Instructor

  • Advanced Level 4 Nutrition & Weight Management

  • UKSCA Weightlifting for Sports Performance

  • UKSCA Applied Coaching Science

  • UKSCA Planning Effective Programmes

Chloe Longstaff

Chloe is our star personal trainer who can honestly say she has been there and done it after successfully navigating her own epic 8-stone weight loss journey towards a healthier body and mind. 


Chloe has been working within the industry for over half a decade and has logged over 7000 personal training hours with 1:1 clients and small-groups. Certified to provide nutritional information, Chloe can offer support and guidance to answer nutrional queries. Also having studied a pre and post natal course Chloe is able to ensure mums-to-be and new mums can still exercise safely and effectively.


Chloe brings a fun element into coaching and helps clients to make sustainable changes with the backing of her own personal journey of losing 8 stone and transforming her life. Understanding that a big obstacle for people is a mindset change, Chloe works closely with clients to ensure they have all the support needed to begin and continue their journey. 


Chloe has represented and collaborated with the popular health company Muscle Food, regularly speaking at large events and sharing her passion for health and fitness to inspire other people to make a lifestyle change.


  • L3 personal trainer

  • L3 pre and post natal

  • Active IQ and CIMSPA endorsed Applied Nutrition

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