"Dan’s programming has benefitted me in many ways, I have dropped body fat, became stronger and fitter through detailed programming and support. 100% recommend to anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle!"


"Just coming to the end of my 12 week transformation and I can honestly say I'm a different person mentally and physically.. Dan Is the best, a master at what he does and would reccomend him to anyone"


"Dan has not only changed the way my body looks, he’s also supported me in doing things I’d never thought I’d achieve. Dan’s not only changed my body but has changed my whole mindset for the better."


"Cracking help from Dan and his online platform! I have drastically changed my body in under a year using Dan's online coaching programme"


"I began training with Dan when I wasn't seeing results. He adapted my training programme to make it fun, original and completely push me out of my comfort zone to take on exercise routines I would have previously lacked the confidence to attempt.


"I've been training with Dan for a year now. He's inspired me to get into the best shape of my life by keeping every session fresh, whilst also being challenging.... always in the right way. Would recommend him to anyone!"


Awaiting written testimonial.


"Trained with Dan for 12-Weeks with my wife and i'm so glad we made the decision to do it! i feel fitter, stronger and the leanest I have ever been!"


Awaiting written testimonial.


Will trained over a course of 12-weeks as part of Maximuscle's 'Ibiza Challenge' campaign. Will experienced huge differences in strength, fitness and body composition, including vast amounts of fat loss and increased muscle size.


"5 Stars!! Cannot thank dan enough for the results I've had through personal training over 12 weeks. Would recommend to anyone!!"


"Exactly what I needed, he listened to my goals and set me the right diet plan. He trains you extremely hard and pushes you towards your goals every session. I've seen amazing results after 12 weeks of training. 


Awaiting written testimonial.


"I have to say his experience and knowledge is second to none. The plan itself had changed my outlook on training, and with Dans guidance and weekly feedback, I have seen a big improvement in myself, physically and mentally."


"I've been training with Dan for 3 months now and as much as I hate him for the physical torture he puts me through.. I also have had the quickest results I've ever had compared to previous PT's I've worked with."  


"awesome training, mixing weights with cardio and interesting exercise like boxing! Lost a tonne of weight and feel amazing!"


Awaiting written testimonial.


"Great guy providing amazing results time after time with his clients"


"After going to the gym for years I never really noticed a difference. I have now been training with Dan for over 3 years and feel great! I have gone from being afraid to lift to enjoying pushing myself past my perceived  limits"


 "I feel the most confident and comfortable in my own body I have ever felt. I can't wait to take my top of on the beach - something I have never felt comfortable doing before!"


I have lost over 4 stone and have enjoyed every second of seeing my body transform. He has provided me with the advice to get the most out of my workouts and lose weight healthily. I now feel great and still managing to lose weight."


"The best shape I have ever been in thanks to Dan's 12-Week Transformation. Just in time for my holiday in Santorini!"


"Since training with Dan I have noticed a massive difference in my fitness and body shape. Dan always pushing me to limits I never would push myself to training alone and always mixes up my sessions so it is never the same and never boring!"


"Great guy! Achieving amazing results, been on a plan for just over 8 weeks and feeling amazing already! Can't recommend enough!"


"The support and motivation that I receive from Dan is amazing, I can't believe how far i have come. Dan has created such a great fitness community".


"Without him, I doubt  I would have achieved what I have. I learned a lot about training, nutrition and myself along the way and intend to carry on this journey Dan has set me on. Massively recommend using Dan's tailor made programmes".


"I can't speak highly enough of Dan. Extremely professional with an unbelievable amount of knowledge and passion for his work. My workouts are always changing, never repetitive and I'm always being pushed towards my goals.


"I trained with Dan for 8 weeks and went from 18% BF to 11%. I've never felt so good and my attitude to food has completely changed. I cannot thank Dan enough for his time and guidance. I've learnt so much in a relatively short space of time."


Working with Dan has showed me that going to the gym doesn't have to be boring and after just few weeks I started noticing my body to change. Now I successfully can run 10 km without a stop and he's introduced me to my new love - Muay Thai.


"5 stars! Got me in the best shape I have ever been in!"


"I would thoroughly recommend Dan to anyone looking for a highly qualified personal trainer. He is a great coach & extremely motivating I leave every session feeling awesome!"


Awaiting written testimonial.


"If you want to succeed and you have the determination you should book a session"


To say he got me out of my comfort zone is an understatement, as well as encouraging me to take up a new hobby in kickboxing he helped me lose a lot of weight. Every session is completely different and dan is very knowledgeable".


Awaiting written testimonial.


"Dan wrote my diet and training plan during a pre-holiday cut. I followed the plan to a T and achieved amazing results! Would recommend looking for a coach who can provide complete peace of mind with expert knowledge and frequent contact."


"To say he got me out of my comfort zone is an understatement, as well as encouraging me to take up a new hobby in kickboxing he helped me lose a lot of weight. Every session is completely different and dan is very knowledgeable"


"Sessions are fantastically varied which keeps training fun and keeps shocking muscle groups... If you think you've pushed yourself too your limits try an hour with Dan!"


"I Trained with dan for 14 weeks.. Was the hardest and most challenging thing I have ever done! I lost inches and toned my whole body!! Id recommend Dan to everyone, professional,reliable and pushes you beyond limits can't thank you enough. :-)"


"Just finished training with Dan, his sessions were beyond what intense but fun and the diet plan he gave me was fairly easy to follow. I achieved awesome results a lot faster than what I could have done myself alone. 


Dan always has time for any questions about training, food, supplements to benefit performance etc, he has the answers! but the best part about Dans training is when he is training you he is 100% focused on your benefits and your goals..... legend :-)"


"I always struggled with motivation in the gym and didn't enjoy training. But Dan manages to motivate me through varied and tough gym sessions, pushing me harder than I thought possible and, remarkably, at the end of each session I have enjoyed it!


"If you have been searching for a guaranteed way to lose weight then look no further. Providing you follow his instructions you cannot fail. To cut a long story short at the end of my 12 weeks I had lost 15 kgs and at 49 years old have never felt fitter."


This amazing transformation picture is obviously not a reflective 'before and after', however it does show the incredible shape Jodie managed to get into just 8 weeks after giving birth!


Awaiting written testimonial.


Dan is a fantastic trainer with a ridiculous amount of knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend Dan to absolutely anybody who wants to improve themselves."


"Dan’s programming has benefitted me in many ways, I have dropped body fat, became stronger and fitter through detailed programming and support. 100% recommend to anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle!"


"Absolutely brilliant Personal Trainer! I asked Dan to help me with my diet and to help me put some healthy size on and we got some wicked results! Dans training methods are very effective and the knowledge this bloke has is mental!