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We took 20 personal training clients to The National Fitness Games at Loughborough University ‘Fit Fest’ and they all smashed it out of the park!

These special people not only put themselves through four gruelling workouts in front of hundred’s of other people, they stepped well out of their comfort zones into the unknown and totally crushed it! Non of them had done anything like this before, yet every single one of them stepped up to the challenge, hit every workout with grit and determination and had a huge laugh with like-minded people at the same time!

As coaches, we are so proud of all of them and know they are proud of themselves too!

I’d like to give a special mention to Lauren, Tracey, Big Greg, Tom, Carole, Amber, both of the Chloe’s, Bren, Melissa, Annaleice, Lorna, Lucy, Tamara, Tracey, Pip, Inga, Sharon and Leanne.

The workouts which we were scored upon were;

Workout 1:

As a team of 4, complete the following within 24 minutes;

900m Run

85 calorie Assault Bike

85 synchro Squats

85 calorie Row

85 Burpees (1 team member working)

50 calorie Assault Bike

60 synchro Squats

50 calorie Row

60 Burpees (1 team member working)

900m Run

Workout 2:

Within the given time, each team member must report a score for the following;

0-8 minutes: 5 rep max Deadlift

8-10 minutes: Rest

10-14 minutes: Max Goblet Squat in 60-seconds

14-16 minutes: Rest

16-20 minutes: Max Overhead Press in 60-seconds

Workout 3:

Complete as many rounds of the following circuit as possible in 18-minutes.

50 partner Wall Ball

40 Russian Kettlebell Swings

30 Synchro Burpees (two team members)

20 Knee to Elbow

10 calorie Ski Erg

Workout 4:

Each team member completes the following 4 rounds as a relay with either 10 Worm Squats or Worm Cleans being completed by two team members between each round;

Round 1

500m Wattbike

5 Burpees over a wall

Round 2

500m Wattbike

30m Sandbag Carry

Round 3

500m Wattbike

6 Burpees over a bar

Round 4

500m Wattbike

10 Thrusters

*Score is total time taken.

A huge well done to all of them for stepping up to this epic challenge and a big thank you to those who came to support us! We couldn’t have done it without you!

If you would like to sign up to something like this, or would like to work towards one of these awesome competitions as a goal, contact us via our home page and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options.


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